ROSÉ - 'On The Ground' 0314 SBS Inkigayo


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    [ROSÉ - 'On The Ground' 0314 SBS Inkigayo]

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    Опубликовано: 3 месяца назад


    1. Sunset Videos

      rossanie we love ya

    2. Bts💜army's

      Setup and rose amazing

    3. Mega Yoo

      왠지 로즈 노래와 로드리고인가 뭐 빌보드2위한애하고 약간 비슷한느낌이네.

    4. LUCY SEO

      😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 GO BLACKPINK 😁

    5. 💜micaella🖤

      its jennie not rose who is singing there wow awesome

      1. Bts💜army's

        It's rosé

    6. SteiMora

      Me preocupa lo delgada que está Rosé, la niña me le está pasando algo... ya no está como en su debut, ya se me le ve muy flaca... y no es por genética, lo de Rosé es por algo más, yo lo sé...

    7. Mehreen Malik

      Rose love

    8. Thảo Trần

      I love Rose so much

    9. Sharakadi

      The most views rosè “ on the ground “ Fancam

    10. Nguyệt Minh Đặng Trần

      wtf is wrong with the camera work tho

    11. LEE JING TUNG Moe

      Wish jisoo and lisa also have own song

    12. Henry Hlan


    13. Althea Zamora

      Is that jennie's voice?

    14. Victor Sánchez

      Sos arte

    15. Tete Jeon

      2:23 opd

    16. Jhoanna De Guzman

      Its jennie 👆😭

    17. higuu

      ON THE GROUND 🛐♥️ ROSÉ 2021

    18. Fouzia Berrahou


    19. Chelsea Faigao

      Roses _ or _rosie

    20. Asmila Karmila


    21. HavuçluPattis

      On the ground erayı özlemişim

    22. 로제박채영

      we want RS2

    23. 로제박채영

      we want solo of ROSÉ more more

    24. BPFC~AGFC


    25. Salma Ibrahim🥃


    26. Ella Mae Cabillon

      Do a collab wth ty dolla sign 😍

    27. Syiela Yusoff

      Jisoo - Blink wait for it Jennie - Solo Rose` - On The Ground & Gone Lisa - Blink wait for it Now I'm waiting for our Jichu and our Lily😘😘😘

    28. Loli Jori

      عجيب فستانك روزي

    29. Loli Jori

      احلى ترسيم منفرد

    30. Loli Jori

      احبك روزي

    31. Reighlyn

      I like rose because she my bias in blackpink

    32. Mella Shafira

      Love u so much rosé

    33. Kristen exol Pasistor

      thats my girl

    34. Silvia Núñez

      Blinks if you have TikTok please go follow blackpink

      1. Silvia Núñez

        Blinks please go follow rose

      2. rosie 4ever

        @Silvia Núñez ohh it's okay omg hahahah

      3. Silvia Núñez

        @rosie 4ever I’m sorry

      4. Silvia Núñez

        @rosie 4ever I’m sorry

      5. Silvia Núñez

        I’m really sorry

    35. 지수 거북이 토끼 김

      POEMSÉ FOR ROŚE: Glittering eyes Elegant dress Soothing voice and Charm on face, Sensitive soul Undeniable innocence Ruling my heart It' all so intense - LOVE BLINKS

      1. rosie 4ever

        I love this!!!

    36. ;; 𝙺 𝐩 𝒐 𝗽-

      - R -

    37. ;; 𝙺 𝐩 𝒐 𝗽-

      rosé no merece tanto hate :(

    38. ;; 𝙺 𝐩 𝒐 𝗽-

      i love yoy rosé

    39. bloomed roses

      On the Ground 🔜185 Million GONE 🔜 88 Million On the Ground DP 🔜49 Million KEEP STREAMING BLINKS AND FANSÉS :))

      1. rosie 4ever

        Yaas fighting!!!!

    40. Rafay Tahir

      Who sing this song

    41. Hieu Nguyen

      crazy girl

    42. Aayat Fatima

      Rosé: On the grouuund,G o o o o o ne Jennie: Solololololo Lisa: Coming soon Jisoo: Loading

    43. Mocking Bird

      Every time i see rosé i cry cause i try my hard to get to a certain place in the world like her.but i suffer from sleeping disorders and i want her to know i love her no matter what.i know she never sees this but if you read this i want you to know i love you and i never give up on you.i always truly love you and give me 5 or 6 years to come to a certain place like you so i can show you how much i love you😢❤

    44. Erika Nunes

      Everything i need on the ground

    45. Erika Nunes

      Just to realize

    46. Erika Nunes

      Every day every night

    47. Cecaria Heti julien


    48. stephanie

      Rose really size what is lip sync

    49. Numb Chic

      She wears black and pink for her first solo performance!

    50. Hernández Alcantara Jatziry

      not sexy

    51. Vivo Store

      I Love rose

    52. 뚠지안

      한국인 없어요?

    53. ⸝⸝Anderson ᵎ ᕁ៹

      we stan

    54. Anisa Almavira

      You're getting skinny Don't go on a diet!

    55. Paras Deep

      I worked my whole life to yelling on the every blackpink hater.

    56. lilofing


    57. 김신비

      와... 로제 겁나이뿌다

    58. Cristine Ocampo


    59. Cantika Soraya

      So beautiful rosè.. glowing💕💕

    60. •My Queen lisa• #weloveyousuga,jk,rose,jisoo,v

      I love you ROSE TURKISH BLİNK

    61. cemre kemik

      I'm müslüman bias jisoo 💜

    62. cemre kemik

      I'm müslüman💜💓🧡💙💜

    63. zeinberly roque

      you are still myyy roseee ilovvveeeyouuuuuuuuu

    64. Henry Hlan

      Rosé is perfect girl

    65. XxWinter_ JCXHxX

      I work my whole life just for perfect :(

    66. Yashasvi Singh

      You are my bias Rosie❤️❤️

    67. Itzel Bolaños

      No les pasa que los bailarines ✨*Gemelos *✨

    68. بسمله فريد فريد


    69. ليسا بنت العتيبي ،

      روزي اهلي قالو حققي حلمك وقلت لهم حلمي ب كوريا وقالو من قلت روزي

    70. ليسا بنت العتيبي ،

      افري دي افري ناي أور

    71. ليسا بنت العتيبي ،

      روزي تجنن صوتها وجسمها

    72. فان لصلعة تشانيول

      روزي ♡♡

    73. ViVIAN Ramirez

      Blink Forever

    74. sanjoy ganguly

      I worked my whole life to buy your album

    75. zuksuk i

      ROSÉ Perfect

    76. levy.

      ~🌹 ♡♡♡!!!

    77. moises alejo

      I really liked how the girl sang, but do you mind? we are in a pandemic

    78. moises alejo

      ok, but we are in a pandemic, you have to take care of yourself goodbye to all

    79. Edgari Idwan

      i hate blackpink, forever

    80. Henry Hlan

      I Love this stage performance

    81. King Jik TV

      I love Rosé voice she's so fckng talented know how to play guitar and piano and she really dance flawlessly why Rosé

    82. angel constellation

      У Розэ буквально нету движение. Только волосы трогает, ее поднимают и всё

    83. Billy tan BS

      I’m not on the ground what I’ve and rose and jisoo you still are my favorite black pink character! 🥞🥞

    84. Nayen TY


    85. 7qwe.80

      We love you Rosé

    86. Erika Nunes

      On the ground

    87. Erika Nunes

      ROSÉ in your area

    88. Erika Nunes

      ROSÉ so beautiful

    89. irem


    90. Rafaela Milach

      Love rose blink

    91. زهراءءءءءءءءء

      روز ي

    92. Dalia Gamer

      I love you rose

    93. Chae Park


    94. Chae Park


    95. Chae Park

      ROSÉ 😻🎶

    96. Cemrenin çileği

      Türk var mı +1 👇 👇

    97. 갓지누

      한국어로써라 양키들아

    98. Master One78

      I love you 🌹🌹🌹🌹

    99. lisa

      Live so cool

    100. ღʙ ᴇ ᴄ ᴄ ᴀ_xツ

      0:03 caíste xd